Currently residing in Apple Valley CA, Brandon Dover attends Cal State San Bernardino (CSUSB) where he majors in both graphic design and studio art. He maintains a job working in the Marketing Department at the Student Recreation and Fitness Center (SRFC) at his college where he designs for various promotional materials such as outdoor adventure guide booklets, illustrative posters, magnets, business cards, tri-folds, online advertisements, and any other canvas's that need design treatments. When not practicing graphic design, he takes on more traditional art forms such as painting, printmaking, and drawing. Brandon strives to maintain a dynamic equilibrium between graphic design and traditional art. The two elements, when put together, can create a balance of skills that further enhance the ability to visually communicate messages, ideas, or feelings to a particular audience. When not making things Brandon enjoys spending time with his family kicking back and watching some Star Trek (TOS, & Deep Space Nine FTW!) Or chilling with the guys at the local coffee shop drawing and playing video games. It should also be noted that Brandon finds it a tad bit peculiar chatting about himself in the third person and thanks you for taking the time to read about him thus far.

- - Additional Info - -

Born: April 1992

College: California State University San Bernardino (Currently Attending/ Began Fall 2010)

Speciality: Ink drawings/ illustration, Graphic Design

Star Trek > Star Wars